About Us

Edunovus supports educational institutions and public institutions in the implementation of innovative training and education using new Innovative learning technologies. In cooperation with our customers, we develop new ideas, solve problems creatively together with selected experts and implement effective solutions.

In cooperation with our customers, we develop innovative and effective E-Learning solutions.

The following four key points prove to be particularly important to us:


We engage enthusiastically with new developments and search for new applications suitable for everyday life.


We strive for high quality.


We are convinced that complex problems require the involvement of a variety of experts - that is why we work in teams, internally, within our network of experts and with our customers.

Enjoying good performances:

We are fascinated by new learning technologies. We take pleasure in good performances and do everything in our power in order to achieve them.

Edunovus panel of expert teachers develop the best educational videos to bring your school curriculum to life.

We will develop new ideas and concepts for specific support of its courses by computer and the Internet. Our aim is to exploit these opportunities to create innovative learning environments - be it with small development teams consisting of highly qualified and experienced specialists or be it by including from our network selected external experts of different areas of expertise.